Consumer Focus Groups

In the third part of the project we held focus groups with both local food shoppers and grocery shoppers. Focus group participants were asked about their access to local foods and groceries and about their food purchasing decision making.  We conducted 17 focus groups, you can find a summary here: AFHVS-2015.pdf.

We explored how many consumers in rural areas participate in local food systems in very different ways that urban consumers.  Check out this Proceedings for ESRS 2017 Shortened Final




2 responses to “Consumer Focus Groups

  1. I live in California. Would I be eligible to join any of your focus groups? Are they done online or? I have never done this before and am interested in finding a group, to help make a couple of extra bucks. Thank you, Linda Modkins

    • localfoodlinkages

      Good Morning, Linda!

      Thanks for your interest in participating in our study, but unfortunately, you are outside of our study areas and thus are not eligible to participate.

      We chose our project areas based on previous research that identified different types of rural areas. We chose these areas within Nebraska and Missouri because of their proximity to the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Based on our proposed analysis, we will be studying the consumers, producers, markets and economics that make up local food systems within each of these rural areas. So, anyone who participates in a survey, focus group, or interview must be from one of these three areas.

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