Input/Output Interviews

Thank you for the great response to the Input/Output Interviews.  Data is currently being sorted and Producer Profiles are being created.  We could not have completed this part of the project without good data from real local food producers.


While some data has been collected on the value of direct-to-consumer food sales at the county, state, and national level, this data does not describe how local food systems operate or how their operations and economics vary from place to place. The existing data also does not include information about challenges or opportunities for local food systems at the community level.  Therein lies the necessity for the second part of our project: Input/Output Interviews.

We are asking for producer cooperation in providing the data that is vital to our research.  Without good data, we cannot realistically define the impact that small to medium producers have on your local economies.  We need to gather information about what it takes to run your business and produce food for your local market in order to be able to define the impact small and medium size farmers have on their local economy.

To gather the information our research depends upon, we are conductng intervews with local food producers.  During the interviews we will ask questions about the evolution of business, the channels through which producers participate in their local food system, business inputs and outputs (average or current annual costs and revenues), and the proportion of inputs purchased in the local/regional area and within the state.  We will enter this information into a worksheet without identifiable information, such as names or addresses.  The information provided will be compiled with information provided by other producers to calibrate economic models that will be used to quantify the profitability of small to medium sized farms and to better understand the local economic impact of local/regional food sales.

The interviews are estimated to take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.  As a thank you for participating in an interview, and to compensate you for your time and effort, you will be sent a check for $100 from the University of Missouri.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the interviews or your participation in them, you may contact Mary Hendrickson, Extension Associate Professor, University of Missouri (, 573-882-7463). You may also contact the University of Missouri Campus Institutional Review Board (, 573-884-0663).

Thank you for your interest in our Local Food Linkages Project.